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post concussive rehabilitation

Our approach to hand therapy is presented with a personal touch.

Cross Keys Physical Therapy offers a post concussive rehabilitation program for the injured athlete or individual suffering head trauma. Once the referring physician has ordered post concussive therapy, a vestibular trained physical therapist will conduct a comprehensive examination and develop an appropriate plan of care.

Clients will engage in an individualized post concussion rehabilitation protocol to address their specific deficit and symptoms. Many will participate in a “graduated return to play protocol” to achieve the goal of returning to full participation in daily activities and sport activities. We will guide clients through the graduated program addressing symptoms such as dizziness, headaches or neck pain and manage any their possible balance, strength or flexibility deficits as well as aerobic deconditioning.

The examination may consist of a:

 MUSCULOSKELETAL COMPONENT to assess the individuals muscles and joints to determine if there are any limitations or deficits in range of motion, strength or flexibility.

OCULOMOTOR SCREEN to assess an individuals’ oculomotor (eye) function. The client’s eye movements and their ability to track objects are examined.

KING DEVICK TESTING is performed, which is an effective concussion assessment tool and outcome measure. It is an objective, physical method of evaluating physical tracking and saccadic eye movements.

BALANCE ASSESSMENT to determine which aspect of the clients balance system (vestibular, visual, somatosensory) may be impaired.