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Hand and Upper Extremity Therapy

Our approach to hand therapy is presented with a personal touch.

The Upper Extremity is an amazing part of the human body. We use them to reach, grab, hold, push and pull everyday. They perform a variety of functions everyday that are often taken for granted… such as writing with a pen or opening a door.

 The Upper Extremity/Hands are important tools in our activities of daily living, The hand, does not always function properly after accidents, disease, job related stress and congenital or acquired deformities. Rehabilitation can often restore an Upper Extremity or hand injury to its maximum functional capacity. 

Cross Keys Physical Therapy provides highly skilled therapists that have been trained and are proficient in the treatment of the hand and upper extremities.

Hand Therapy treatments include, but are not limited to:

Jt Mobilization, Nerve Glides, Brachial Plexus, Industrial Workers, Athletes, Functional Capacity Evaluations, Patient education, Strengthening and conditioning, Work simulation, Work site ergonomic evaluations, Scar management, Early management of swelling