Friday, January 19, 2018


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Transitional and Fitness Programs

Get Back to Work Quicker with Transitional Fitness.

gymIf exercise could be packaged into a pill, it would be the most widely prescribed and beneficial medicine in the nation, said Robert Butler, former director of National Institute on Aging.

Life is movement and movement is life. Changes across time cannot be denied and we are not all born with identical physical attributes.

But, the benefits of exercise on health and wellness are well documented in medical research.

CKPT offers a Transition Program where we will help you attain the level of fitness and strength that you desire. Each person who joins the Transition Program at CKPT would have been a physical therapy patient and been evaluated by a physical therapist and a program established.

This program can be modified by any of our licensed therapists or assistants. We will always be present in our center. In this way, you will not be paying for a personal trainer but our program is designed for your self-motivated direction with our guidance.

Our membership fees are $350 a year. By joining the Transition Program at CKPT you will not be one of a crowd but you will become part of our medical family.

Hand and Upper Extremity Therapy

Hand and Upper Extremity Therapy

Our approach to hand therapy is presented with a personal touch.

The Upper Extremity is an amazing part of the human body. We use them to reach, grab, hold, push and pull everyday. They perform a variety of functions everyday that are often taken for granted… such as writing with a pen or opening a door.

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Sports Physical Therapy

Sports Rehabilitation and Therapy


What is Sports Physical Therapy?

Sports Physical Therapy is a specialized practice that focuses on prevention, evaluation, treatment, rehabilitation and performance enhancement of individuals involved in a physically active lifestyle.

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Aquatic Physical Therapy

580 8What is Aquatic Therapy?

Aquatic physical therapy helps you take the first step towards your recovery. Early intervention following injury or surgery is critical for a successful recovery.

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Physical Therapy

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Customized Individualized therapy services for the results you want.

At CKPT, our goal is to get you back to what you enjoy doing without limitations. Our physical therapists (PTs) help you move beyond your current injury so you can take your health and fitness to a higher level. Getting you back to work and other daily activities as you were before.

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