Friday, January 19, 2018


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Shoulder Pain: Signs and Symptoms

Shoulder impingement

Impingement refers to mechanical compression and where of the rotator cuff tendons.  This condition has many names as swimmers arc, throwing shoulder, and painful arc.  It can cause significant pain, especially if a person places his or her hand behind her back to try to move it or elevate it.  Shoulder impingement symptoms show up when there is some injury to the rotator cuff muscles.  When the injured rotator cuff muscles swell up, it causes an increase pressure inside the muscles.  As a result, the normal blood flow of the surrounding blood vessels gets badly infected.  Due to the decrease in blood flow, the muscles lose the strength and become weak.  It can also occur along with other problems of the shoulder, like bursitis and tendinitis as described above.

Signs and symptoms

  • Constant shoulder pain
  • Pain with rest as well as movement
  • Initial stage of pain is at top of edge of front part of shoulder
  • Later stage of pain moves to the lateral part of shoulder
  • Pain increases with movements of the hand
  • Pain increases when lifting arm above head or reaching up (sharp pain) will occur
  • Quick movements of the shoulder increases pain
  • Muscle weakness
  • Shoulder joint stiffness
  • Cracking or popping sensation at involved shoulder
  • Can lead to rotator cuff tear or damage to bicep muscle
  • Can lead to frozen shoulder