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'Best of Washington Township' winners celebrated by chamber of commerce

By Michelle Caffrey / South Jersey Times South Jersey Newspapers
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on October 12, 2013 at  7:37 AM, updated October 12, 2013 at  7:38 AM

bowt-ribbonFrom accountants to water ice and everything in between, 103 businesses selected as “Best of Washington Township” were celebrated at the Washington Township Chamber of Commerce’s award ceremony Thursday night.

Held at the Wedgwood Country Club in Washington Township, the award ceremony brought together small business owners, local officials and the chamber to award proclamations to the winners of the contest, run by the Washington Township Times and the chamber.

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What Is The Formula For A Strong Healthy Back?

Good Posture Can Make All The Difference!

businesscard spine1-231x300Fatigue, faulty alignment and bad postural habits can make picking up a piece of paper or vacuuming as risky to your back as tackling a 200 pound load.

Are you frequently tired or achy, or bothered by nagging neck and back pain? A simple answer could be your posture. Approximately 60 percent of women slouch, a problem that can cause pain and even reduce your energy level.

Poor posture can also make you appear older and heavier, while a well-aligned body projects an energetic, self-confident image. Poor posture can also lead to muscle fatigue. The extra stress poor posture puts on your muscles can leave you physically drained, which can make you feel tired. Poor posture may even affect your breathing. Some experts have observed that slumping forward may leave less room for your lungs to fill with oxygen. When your lungs don't expand and contract properly, you may not get enough oxygen to all of the tissues throughout your body. That can sap your energy.

Lining Up For Good Posture: To see if you have correct posture, look at a side view of yourself in the mirror. Imagine dots at the front of your earlobe and shoulder, at the center of your hip, just behind your kneecap, and in front of your anklebone. If you mentally connect these dots, they should form a straight line.

The paraspinal muscles along the spine are as important as keeping the abdominal muscles strong. "Think of cables that support the mast of a sailboat. Without them, the mast would wobble and sway. To remain upright and strong, your spine needs both the abdominal muscles to lift it and the paraspinals to hold it in place."