Wednesday, February 21, 2018


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David Anselmo

ownerOwner and Physical Therapist

David B. Anselmo, PT, Owner and President of CKPT is a graduate of Thomas Jefferson University. His undergraduate degree is from Virginia Commonwealth University where he played Division I Varsity Baseball.

He is an active member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), New Jersey Society Of Independent Physical Therapists, INC. (NJSIPT), Aquatic Physical Therapy Section, and Orthopaedic Section.

Through his training he believes in a "Hands On" approach to the treatment of all his patients which includes the use of Principals of Manual Therapy, Myofascial Release, McKenzie Method, Duffy-Rath System, Trigger Point techniques and modalities as necessary. Dave believes in the use of Aquatic Therapy when necessary to get his patients back to daily activities, as quickly and safely as possible.

Dave believes that Cross Keys Physical Therapy offer numerous advantages over conventional physical therapy clinics that focus and are limited to land based treatments. At CKPT our highly trained Physical Therapist have the flexibility and knowledge to create treatment plans incorporating multiple interventions. We have skilled manual therapist with land based experience along with our state of art Aquatic Center. Therefore at Cross Keys Physical Therapy we have everything we need to customize a treatment plan that meets the needs of each individual patient and condition. Dave is always saying quality care is what makes us stand above the rest. This is why Dave does not have his Physical Therapist standing on the deck yelling instructions to patients. He and his team of Physical Therapist go into the water each session to maximize one on one treatment time and give accurate demonstrations of stretches, exercises as well as perform manual techniques in the warm water. At CKPT you have both Aquatic and land based treatments within the same facility.

Dave has developed a Transitional Program that was designed for those patients that are ready for Discharge but want to continue with exercise in a controlled organized environment. This Program is only for our patients that are ready for independence with stretching, strengthening programs and no longer need skilled Physical Therapy. This means they have access to the equipment on land as well as hours in the Aquatic Center (water). Dave upholds his philosophy through his highly professional trained staff in all three offices serving you. (Conveniently located in: Pennsville, Woodbury, Washington Township)