Wednesday, January 17, 2018


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Find out more how we can help you on the road to a quick recovery

  • Hands-On Care
    Our Hands-On Care is what keeps our patients happy. Our rugged physical exam will allow us to evaluate you thoroughly before we start a program for you.
  • Superior Service
    As a driving force in Rehabilitation Services we had a need to open more facilities. You may find us now in Washington Twp. and Pennsville.
  • Setting the Pace
    Cross Keys Physical Therapy is one of the region's only provider of full service rehabilitation therapy, including Aqua Therapy.
  • Meet Dave
    As the creator of "Sports Doctor", Owner Dave Anselmo talks about medical health issues.

About Cross Keys Physical Therapy

Cbowt-ribbonross Keys Physical Therapy has been setting the pace in Physical and Occupational Therapy since 1991. The company's philosophy is to provide personalized "Hands On" care by licensed therapists who develop a plan of care specifically to meet the needs of our patients.

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  • 04/13/2006 Sports Doctor with Dr. Robert Franks on General Sports Injuries
  • 01/19/2006  Sports Doctor with Dr. John Salvo on ACL Injuries
  • 01/05/2006 Sports Doctor with Dr. Merrick J. Wetzler, MD on Shoulder Injuries
  • 12/15/2005  Sports Doctor with Dr. Peter DeLuca on General Sports Injuries

Our Services

Transitional and Fitness Programs

Transitional and Fitness Programs Transitional and Fitness Programs
Get Back to Work Quicker with Transitional Fitness. If exercise could be packaged into a pill, it would be the most widely prescribed and beneficial medicine in the nation, said Robert Butler, former...
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Our Insurance & Billing Information

Billing Policy and Procedures

Cross Keys Physical Therapy professional fees are in accordance with physical therapy and reflect the usual and customary profiles for the Southern New Jersey area.

Billing Procedures

All services will be billed to your participating insurance carrier. If you are uncertain if Cross Keys Physical Therapy participates with your insurance carrier, please contact our Billing Office at (856) 374-3707 extension 15.

For billing questions or inquiries,
please call (856) 374-3707.

If you are experiencing financial
difficulties, please do not hesitate to
speak to the Billing Manager at (856) 374-3707.

*As a courtesy we will bill your insurance company for you.
*Your copays are due at time of visit